Sunday, 30 November 2008

Stephanie Bennett

From wood from a bonefire on November 5th, which happened in a garden in Widnes, Cheshire.
These nails had to be retrieved from the hot ashes and cooled off.

Rebecca Duffin

Given to her by Lauren.

Neil Bennett

Found in the gutter in Millpoint, Manchester (red light area).

Fiona Burnett

Found in Berry Street on a midnight walk.

April Black

From "Grandad's box of rusty Nails."

Rochelle Davidson


Phoebe Myers

Extracted from Phoebe's copious collection of clutter.
to be precise from the tray on top of the dryer in garage.

Ryan C

Fell from the scaffold in town.

Julia Taylor

From a Garden fence in Holmes Chapel.

Lauren Colbeck

Found in the wall of Victoria Station, Manchester.

Interactive Arts

A fine selection of rusty nails from the first year Interactive Arts students.
I will photograph them individually and credit the contributors.

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Michael Leigh

Michael Leigh

Michael found me this nail outside the Old Curiosity Shop in Northwich, he had to look for quite a while before he found one.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Rusty nail from USA

I have started collecting rusty nails for a project I am doing with the Special Collections at MMU.
In the collection they have a small collection of bent and rusty nails that are archived.
I decided to start my own collection of nails from anyone who would like to donate a rusty nail along with its story.
John M Bennett kindly sent me this one.
"This rusty nail was from my old cold frame, which was blown apart by Hurrican Ike, in September 2008..."

Nail from John M bennett

Close Up of the nail.